orgasmic hamsters

orgasmic hamsters






Tuesday, July 24, 2007

hi guys!

thank you very very very much for the overwhelming emails requesting for the new url. because i am such a technophobe, i have no idea how to consolidate your email addresses so that i can do a mass-email .. so well, i'll just post it up here =)



ch-ch-check it out!

see you guys there =)

p.s : does anyone have any idea how i can actually save all my entries in blogspot into one document file? i'd hate to see all my posts sucked into the vortex of the WWW graveyard. thanks in advance!


Sunday, July 08, 2007


after 3.5 years being known as the orgasmic hamster, it is time for me to move on.

this blog has seen me morph from a whiney then-waitress cum student to a still-whiney fresh-corporate-slave writer.

it has also seen me dump/getting dumped by various forms of the opposite sex. thank god it's usually the former.. =D

after getting tomorrow-ed a couple of times, my audience increased exponentially and some of them became my friends. and one them (divine intervention, no doubt), a lover.

despite a modest readership clocking in the few hundreds, i have been recognised on a few occasions, a rather embarrassing situation if you ask me but quite flattering nonetheless!

going through my old blogs (yes i have TWO other prior blogs. amazing!), i can shamelessly declare i am one of the longest surviving local bloggers around, considering i have been consistently blogging since 2002.


i'm moving to a new blog address, with an entirely new (but most probably still hamster related.. haha!) moniker.

dear readers, do email me at banana_hamster @ hot mail . com if you're still interested in the chronicles of the world's only specimen of the homo hamsterus (human hamster) species.

it has been a good 3.5 years!!!! KISSES!


the ex orgasmic hamster

fiona chen xinyi


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

bye for now

on hiatus.

just feeling rather... sad, to put it bluntly.

it never fails to amaze how abrupt change is - it ambushes you from behind, smothers you and releases just before you choke to death . it leaves no trail. it comes as it pleases, unrepentent and unrelenting.

take care, all of you.

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just one for the road:

train - drops of jupiter


Sunday, June 24, 2007

zee blind date

the blind date was.... well.....

the dude was 17. 17 17 17 17 17 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


will blog about it as i am in an emo-emo state after watching the painted veil while killing myself with cheap wine.

fucking awesome film.


Friday, June 22, 2007

tgif, people

just as i was looking forward to a quiet weekend curled up by the TV with a bunch of rented DVDs and junk food, dear ol' jas called to inform that she has arranged for a blind date for me later.

i'm on a roll, man. suddenly everyone has got a "cute colleague/friend/cousin" that "might be the guy you are looking for".

right. will keep you guys posted on this "exciting" blind date that will take place in less than two hours' time. hoo. (no, no rose corsages or anything,tsk!)

have a good one, y'all.


on another note, i don't understand why everyone seems to be borrowing money from me, or attempting to.

i used to relent and play the part to a friend in need but when i realised that i make a really bad debt-collector, i stopped lending altogether.

i'm sorry to those i've turned down in recent months but you'd probably do the same too when you have about $600+ owed to you by probably a dozen people.

i don't forget, trust me. but i am unable to speak out and ask for it to be returned because well, i just can't seem to do it.

do not take me for granted. and once again, do not think that i've even forgotten about it because i do take mental notes.

this is specially going out to someone who owes me about $300, of which the bulk went towards paying for his nicotine habit. shithead.


Thursday, June 21, 2007











就应为他我开始狂练他的歌词, 虽然大多数我都不会读。



结果我的O LEVELS 的华语PASS! 真是领大家惊喜!


好了,该放工去跟凯弟弟做体操了! 好紧张哦!

我没有带EXTRA(也不懂这个华语是设么啦) 衣服所以我会很臭!应为流汗!

好了你们照顾自己吧! 好骄奥我些完了!


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

sulk sulk groan groan

i know this will surely come as a shock (or a joke) to some of you but...


and yes, and that would be my virgin visit.

i feel so sluggish nowadays, and i attribute it to the acute lack of exercise and the fact that i am so gu-niang that i grumble whenever i start to perspire. ( i have this vision of bacteria festering in the millions thriving on my nutrient-rich perspiration on my skin whenever i sweat )

BUT THAT, ladies and gentlemen, will change.

i believe the last time i actually attempted to exercise/sweat my guts out was a good one or two years ago, for a run around the neighbourhood. yeah, lasting all of ten minutes and already i was grunting like a wet pig.

to kickstart my fitness regime for a healthier perkier fiona, i decided to reward myself with an incentive.

a pair of alexander mcqueen for pumas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


yaya i know all ye hardcore fashionistas will cringe/want to clobber me for putting such delicate wondrous objects to such use other than the purpose of viewing it from a glass case. well, i've never fancied mcqueen's flamboyant couture much, if that makes you feel better. heh heh.

okay lah, wait till i i find it in my size then say lor. was browsing through nike women just now and realised to my disappointment (*air of resignation*) that i could only fit into kiddy sizes. mind you, i wouldn't mind wearing kiddy sizes if not for the fact that mot of the designs comes in bubble pink with velcro straps...

..and yellow daisies. bah humbug.

i just read through this post and to my disdain i sound like a whiney bimbo with fluff for brains.

that i am, darlings. that i am. =)


the sedentary creature


**update at 12.03am

3/4 bottle of chilled dessert wine = WOOHOO

on my way to "a bit the high ah"



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